First few lines

Throughout art and design, and a great many other disciplines for that matter, terms are used with varying degrees of accuracy. Terms are often used synonymously. Sometimes a discipline specific word is used in the vernacular, while in a professional setting, discussing professional topics.


Temporary GS book outline

This is the outline currently. Things will certainly change as the book comes together.
  1. Breakdown categories: Graphic Symbol/Logotype/Sign
  2. Meaning: How does an image get it?
  3. Signifier/Signified: Semiotics
  4. Review Elements and Principles
  5. Effectiveness and Efficiency
  6. Impact and Intent
  7. The Audience and the Cultural Bank of Knowledge
  8. The Myth of Talent
  9. Making a Sign
  10. Making a Symbol
  11. Making a Logotype

Graphic Symbolism Textbook

I’m currently in the process of making the outline for the Graphic Symbolism textbook that I’ve had in mind for years. At this point, it’s going slowly, but dedication will get it done.
Persistance will be the key to completing the thing. I’ll post some excerpts as I get them written.